Sandipani Vidyamandir
CBSE No. 230109
Estd. 2003
Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir

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There seems to be lots of new happenings around the globe. We all are aware of it and have sensed the changes. We are now a new team with new zeal and honest ideas for providing with the best possible academic atmosphere, keeping pace with the latest competitive era, merging new ideas with new outlook and vision. We are out to win new friends. But we shall choose people of substance, of character and of positive mind to associate even if it means walking a few extra miles, to change things for better prospects.

Change is painful, we all instinctively avoid it. But they are the unhappy people who most fear changes. We are sure; the change that is happening  is a welcoming one. We are committed to it.

To achieve all this we would not to go alone. We want all our friends to come together to share the passion and to build a new forum based on right principle towards our goal......

Being the most expected school with all terms and conditions followed will be affiliated in no time to C.B.S.E. Authorities. It is the most prestigious institute of entire Nagaon District which is affiliated to CBSE Delhi. The school has strived for every academic excellence. It is expected that with the proper infrastructure, it is going to fulfill the aspiration of the parents in a judicious way with knowledge of Indian Tradition and Culture by setting several mile stones both in Academic and Non Academic areas.

Message From Principal

The new website of Vidyalaya is one of the media through which the creative talents of children and Vidyalaya’s profile are exhibited to the outer world. It is the mirror which reflects the graph of target – labour – achievements of the institution. The glimpse of different activities exhibited here ignites the feeling of competition in them to strive for more.

I, on behalf of Sandipani family welcome all the Viewers to this fascinating world of SANDIPANI VIDYAMANDIR.

Uttam Kumar Puzari
 Sandipani Vidyamandir.


The school will try to provide personalized and individual learning environment with the motive of honing the students intellectual, practical & creative skills with the help of student–friendly infrastructure & improving the interactive skills of the students by dedicated & encouraging teachers who are well-adapted to the “Individual learning” method with the help of incessant monitoring of their activities & also working on that area for community development in and around the school.

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Sandipani Vidyamandir
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Sandipani Vidyamandir, Nagaon establishment in 2003, started functioning in the temporary accommodation at Amolapatty on monthly rent basis. Now the school is in its own building constructed on its own plot of land, In a beautiful natural and away from the noise pollution of the town that facilitate a peaceful learning environment.

Sports and Games

Due importance is being given for the promotion of sports and games in the Vidyamandir which have been a must for physical as well as mental growth of students. Playground for conducting cricket, badminton and athletic meets is available. Games are conducted on regular basis


Excellence and perfection are the keywords in our mind, when we develop the infrastructure. accordingly, S.V.M. has been trying to provide the infrastructure for suitable ambiance to children for their all-round developments, up to the satisfaction of all class of concerning people.


To ensure discipline among the students, moral teachings in the forms of various activities have been undertaken. School uniform, punctuality, attending morning assembly, yoga classes, physical training and many more in a sequential way are supervised, in order to develop belongings and leadership quality among students.

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